Friday, July 4, 2014

June 24, 2014

Hey family!!! I hope you are all doing well!! Things here in Kent are great! We had the baptismal service for Nanita this past Saturday and it was a great one! Two other people got baptized as well! One of the Elder's investigators, Abi, got baptized and the Senior Sisters had their investigator, Ruth, be baptized as well! It was a wonderful service! The spirit was so strongly felt and I know that they knew they had made the right decision. We had a scare that morning though during companion study. Nanita called us and said she wasn't going to make it to her baptism!!! The little stinker!!! She woke up with the right side of her back inflamed and she was in pain. We told her that she would be blessed if she came to her baptism and went through with it. After a few minutes of discussing with her, she agreed to come regardless of the pain she was in. I know she didn't regret it. 
However, she didn't show up for her confirmation on Sunday. Sister Judd and I were so sad. We called her and texted her and we didn't hear from her all day. She never even turned her phone on. We were starting to get worried and so we went over to her house and her shoes were out by the door and her car was there, but there wasn't a sign of life inside. We started to get really worried. Long story short, she called us yesterday and said that she had woken up at 6:30am and taken a muscle relaxer because of the pain. I immediately knew what she about to say (thanks for the experience with muscle relaxers, mom.) :) She said that she didn't wake up until after 4pm. Church starts at 1pm. She was so sad she had missed it! But, we have arranged to have her confirmed in Sacrament meeting next week! 
This week has been full of adventures here in Kent! To keep from writing an email that takes 15 hours to read, I'll just send pictures and tell the stories about them when I get home! 
I just want to remind you all that Heavenly Father loves you. He cares about you and only wants the best for you. Bad things happen sometimes, but they don't happen because He doesn't care about you. It's actually quite the opposite. Bad things happen to help us learn and grow and come closer to Him. I invite you all to write down 3 ways you see Heavenly Father's hand in your life each night before you go to bed. I promise that you will see more than 3 ways. You will struggle choosing which three to write down. Not only that, you will be happier and better rested the next morning! I know that Heavenly Father loves you! Don't ever forget that!
I love you all!!!
Sister Keele

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