Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

Oh my goodness!!! Today marks 8 months that I have been a full-time missionary. Where in the world has the time gone?! I feel so blessed to be a part of this great work! Each day, I succeed at doing the impossible. Each day I feel the Savior leading and guiding me! How great is this work! 
That goes along with what I wanted to share with you all today. The church recently released a new Mormon Message, "The Hope of God's Light." It is the true story of Todd Sylvester. You can watch it here:
We sometimes expect answers to our prayers right away. That is not how it works most of the time. Like Todd, we can get answers 700 days after the prayer was said. Heavenly Father's timing is perfect. "God promises to illuminate the way before us; no matter how long it takes." He gives us our answers line upon line, precept upon precept. "It takes an act of faith to open our eyes to the light of Christ." When we act on that faith, the way WILL be illuminated. I know that Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to be happy. I have felt that warm feeling like a hug and there is no denying it. God is here. God is real. We just need to be patient and wait for His plan to be revealed to us. I love this gospel and I love being able to witness that change take place in others and to be able to see them as they will become. It is the most amazing feeling! 
I am so grateful for these past 8 months and for the next 10 months I have to be a full-time servant of the Lord. I invite you all to seek God in your lives more this week. You will feel that love and you will WANT it in your lives every day, all day! I love you all!

God is here!

Sister Keele

Monday, August 11, 2014

Talofa!!! If you couldn't tell, I've learned a few Samoan words this week!! I love serving here in Kent!! I meet so many different people from all over the world and I absolutely love it!! This week was great! We are working with a family that I absolutely love! We met them at the park when Sister Judd was here and it was a miracle that we even met them! The mom struggles a lot with anxiety and we met her on the only night she had been out of her house in a long time. We had a lesson with them at the park right then and have been meeting with them ever since. I was able to really connect with the mom that night at the park and yesterday she told me that when I shared my experiences with them, that was when she really started listening. It made me so happy that I was able to be an instrument in Heavenly Father's hands in that way. I know that we go through specific experiences in life for specific reasons! Even though we go through hard things, it is all for a perfect reason in God's perfect plan!! The mom in this family has been through SO MUCH in her life and she has learned so much and become so much because of it. She has 6 amazing children who she loves very much. Her husband has been by her side for 17 years and they love each other! When we first met them, she was reluctant to even go on a church tour because of her anxiety. Yesterday, SHE CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! It is the best feeling to be able to literally SEE the Spirit working in people. You can see the change that starts when people feel the Spirit. The best part is that they are noticing the difference too! 
I love this gospel and I love being a missionary! It is the best thing I have ever been a part of! I have decided that I am never coming home!! LOL!! JK, mom...I know you wouldn't allow that! Funny story, a couple weeks ago I went on an exchange with a sister that is going home in just a few weeks. We were talking about how going home is going to be so weird and how we want to be missionaries forever. That night I had a dream that I went home and as soon as I got off the plane, Mom told me I was getting released in 5 minutes. I didn't like that idea and so I ran away from President Larsen. The remainder of my dream was President Larsen chasing me as I avoided getting released. Serving a mission is just so great! I never want it to end! 
Anyway, I love you all so much! I hope that you all have a great week full of joy and love! Especially love from our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! 
Sister Keele

August 5, 2014

Hello family!! I hope you are all doing well! Today is transfers and I'm sad to report that Sister Judd will be leaving me!! :( I'm sad to not be her companion anymore, but I know that the Lord has other plans for both of us! My new companion will be Sister VerHof. I don't know her, but I've heard good things about her! I'm excited to start this new transfer! 
We had a great experience this Sunday! As a mission, we have been discussing the importance of church attendance. The Sacrament is the most important part of our week. We have been bummed that we haven't been able to help people come to church. We were ecstatic when one of our investigators showed up with 2 of her kids AND one of her friends! She loved church and felt the Spirit so strongly! After church we introduced her to one of the sisters in our ward and they really hit it off. We found out later that our investigator asked how soon she could go to the temple after she was baptized!!!!!!!!!! We were out of our minds happy!! She has been so prepared and is loving the gospel! This experience strengthened my testimony of attending church! Nothing could have brought the Spirit like church did!!! 
I encourage each of you to study the importance of church and of taking the sacrament. Then, take a step to be better at your Sabbath-day worship! For some of us, that is paying more attention to the Spirit during Sacrament. For others, it will be to go to church. Whatever that step is for you, take it! Pray for the strength to do so! You WILL be blessed! 

Sister Keele