Thursday, April 16, 2015

What a Week!

Hello! This week here has been great! I'll start off by telling a funny story that happened this week. A little background information is needed first. :) So in Korea a lot of the older people eat dog. Yes, dog. They eat it especially in the summertime when it is easy to get dehydrated. I had been teasing Sister Oh about it all week. Then one day we had knocked on several doors and no one answered, but at every door there was a loud, barking dog. We went up to one house and knocked and got nothing but barking. We were tired and frustrated and all of a sudden I hear Sister Oh saying, "Do you want to go to Korea? No? Then shhhhh." The dog continued to bark and she said, "Careful, I know how to cook you!" She was just joking but it was soooo funny! It was just the thing that we needed to lighten our day! It was hilarious! 
We have had some awesome member missionary experiences this week! In ward coordination we had Sister Navarre, one of the ward missionaries, share her experiences of following the promptings she got when we did a member inspire lesson with her. She had two people come to her mind and both of the people are people that she doesn't really contact very often. She decided to write them both letters and invite them to meet with missionaries. She got a response from both of them! One of them has had some major medical issues and has not felt very well. She said that she is not looking into changing her religion, but that when she is feeling better, she would love to meet with missionaries. The other person responded through a phone call and said that she would love to come to church with Sister Navarre. There was a Relief Society activity a few days later, and so Sister Navarre invited her to come. She did and she loved it! Then on Sunday, both her and her husband attended the Garrison Creek ward! It was awesome! After Sister Navarre shared that, Sister Hunting shared an experience. She took some pass-along cards to the dog park and talked with a lady for about 45 minutes about Jesus Christ. The woman was raised Muslim and was going through a hard time and Sister Hunting shared with her the hope that Jesus Christ brings. They exchanged phone numbers and are going to get together soon! After Sister Hunting shared, Brother Johnson shared that Amanda, a lady that works for him, was complaining one day, and so he showed her an uplifting Mormon Message! She loved it! That all was shared within about 10 minutes! Once Sister Navarre shared her experience, everyone was just hungry to share theirs! We were sharing those stories with the Browns last night, and their eight year old daughter shared her experience! She gave one of her friends the set of children's scriptures and invited her to read them. A few days later she followed up and her friend had read some of it! She loved it! She then invited her friend to church, and she came! The members here are just on fire! It has been so awesome!
Another funny story: There is a member family in our ward that has had some huge trials the last few years. The husband got Sickle Cell 5 years ago and was in a coma for three months. He lost an eye, went deaf, and had to completely learn how to walk again. He now has a Cochlear implant on the right side and is getting the left one next month. They can't do much about the eye so he doesn't see very well. Well, he has decided that it is time for him to get mobile again. How does he want to do this? He want to buy a MOTORCYCLE! He has his heart set on buying a 3 wheeled motorcycle and SOON. He even went online and bought one but the dealer called his house and his wife answered and put a stop to that REAL quickly. He is still convinced. They were kind of bickering about it when we were there the other day and Sister Oh shared an experience when she was trying to stop eating so much sugar. Her trainer suggested that she pray about it. She thought it was a strange thing to pray about, but she did it anyway. She saw miracles happen from that. She suggested that they pray individually and as a couple about him getting the bike. All of a sudden he smiled and said, "So, you're saying that I should pray for the strength to ride a motorcycle? I can do that!" His wife glared at him and said, "I don't think that's what she meant!" He is still dead set on getting the bike and she is still dead set on him not getting the bike. 
Moral of the story is, PRAY! It will change your life. More importantly, it will change your eternity! I testify that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live. They love us. They want us to talk with them about our lives. They want us to counsel with them. We do that through prayer! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

Sister Keele


Hello all! This week was interesting here in Washington! Some pretty funny things happened! I hope all is well with all of you!
First of all, Sister Oh and I went to see a part-member family and when we got there, their neighbor across the street was out and his dog ran up to our car like he knew us. Naturally, we started talking to the man. We gave him a card to watch "Because He Lives" and all of a sudden things went south. He started saying that our church has weird beliefs and that we should really "read the doctrine of [our] so called prophets" so that we would "be informed" about what we believe. I tried to explain to him what we really believe and for some reason, he just kept saying that I "don't need a man to be saved." I'm not really sure what he was referring to, because we believe that. Then he explained that the pastor at his church was a member for a long time until he "came to his senses" and realized all of the "weird doctrine." I felt so badly for him. He has been turned away because someone left the church. I may or may not have gotten frustrated and I may or may not have started using Bible verses against him.....oops. I just wanted him to know the truth! At the end of our conversation, he said that he would pray for us so that we would find the right path in life. Same to him!
Secondly, we were able to do some service this morning feeding people at a homeless shelter. It was lots of fun and really rewarding. As I was serving the eggs, hashbrowns, and Canadian bacon, I got to talk with several of the men there. One really young man said to me, "Monday and Wednesday are my favorite days to be a bum! There's nothing better than a warm meal!" As we continued to talk, he said, "I'm just glad Easter is over. Now I don't have to think about my whole family enjoying time together without me." It made me so sad! I am so grateful for all that I have and for my family! 
Another man came up to get more food and told the Sisters that were making pancakes, "Nothing against you, but I just want eggs and hashbrowns this time." Jokingly I said, "It's okay. You can just tell them that you like me more." To which he responded, "Okay. But I don't know how your old man would feel about that." ummmm....what?! That's not what I meant!!!! gahh. Then when he was getting ready to leave he came over and thanked us all for the food. He then stopped at my station and talked to me for like 5 more minutes and then said, "Have a wonderful day, beautiful." It was awkward. I'm a missionary. Don't flirt with me! I didn't even know what to do. As soon as he left the other sisters just started laughing. Oh the awkwardness of missionary life. :)
All in all, the service was really fun and I definitely would do it again! I love doing service! 
Sister Oh was sick one day this week and so we had to stay inside all day. I thought I was going to go crazy. I scrubbed the kitchen clean and cleaned my entire desk and did all of my laundry, and it was only noon. I think I watched every movie we have in our apartment. I caught up in my journal, studied, read all about the crucifixion, and read talks. And then it was only 6. I'm not sure how I ever just sat around and did nothing all day. I was going crazy. 
I loved watching General Conference this weekend! We live in an amazing time where so much is available to us! Three new Temples were announced in remarkable locations: Ivory Coast, Africa; Port Au Prince, Haiti; and Bangkok, Thailand! This will be the first temple in each of those areas and they will serve so many people! It was really a pleasure to hear from a living prophet and apostles! I know that they are men called of God and that they teach us the truth! I'm so grateful for this gospel in my life! 
I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Keele

Because He Lives

Hello!!!!! I hope you all are doing well! This week was an interesting, kind of hard week! Sister Oh and I are working really hard to find people to teach and everywhere we turn, we face rejection! It is hard when you know that something is true and you want people to have the happiness you have, and they reject it! But, I know that miracles are happening! 
We did have a pretty funny rejection this week, though. We were contacting some less active members and we got to one house and there was a guy washing his car in the driveway. We approached him and asked, "Are you Brother So-and-so?" To our surprise he answered, "No. He's actually dead. And you people keep coming by and reminding me that he is dead!" We felt horrible and we weren't sure what to do. We tried to apologize and were unsuccessful. When we asked his name he said, "You can just call me DNC." Which stands for "do not contact." We asked him if we could get his name so that we could put that on our records and he, again, resisted. That night at our ward coordination meeting, we brought up the fact that we had found out that a member passed away. The members seemed shocked that he had passed away and one sister said, "Maybe he just told you he was dead so that people would stop visiting him, but really you were talking with him." This brought up a lot of interest so one of the ward missionaries went home and did some research. Sure enough, we had talked with Brother Soandso and he told us he was dead. We had to laugh. The lengths that some people go to just so that they don't have to talk to us.
This week the church released a GREAT video! It is all about Jesus Christ and the Resurrection! You can find it at  I would HIGHLY recommend it! The website also will be posting something everyday from the last week of Christ's life. I know that my Redeemer lives! I know that because His death on the cross wasn't the end, we can all live again as well! I testify of the reality of the Resurrection and of the hope that it brings for us! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen! 

Sister Keele 

The Atonement is Real

Hello all! How are things going? Things here are going well! We were able to see some AMAZING miracles this week! 
First off, we have been trying to go and meet all of the members in the ward. We have found some members who have not been coming to church but who want to start coming back. On Saturday we went to see a member of the ward and we had an amazing experience! She opened the door and was very friendly to us. She stepped outside and we introduced ourselves. She said, "Oh! I'm not very active so I usually don't have missionaries coming over to my house!" We started talking and we asked how her day was. She related to us that she was having a really hard day. Sister Oh asked her how she deals with the hard days and she just started bawling. Sister Oh and I just stood there feeling so sad for her and wanting so much to share with her the gospel. After a few minutes she told us that she was dealing with some hard things and that she was scared and not sure how to handle it. We bore testimony of how much her Savior loves her and how much Heavenly Father loves to hear from her even though she is not active in church. We told her that no matter what choices she makes in her life, He will always love her. She again started to cry and told us what she was dealing with. My heart just broke for her. She took our number and told us that we could come back any time. 
Then, Saturday evening, Sister Oh and I went to a baptism for someone that Sister Oh taught in her last area. We got there about 15 minutes before the baptism was scheduled to start and no one was there....not even the other missionaries. The font was filling, but very slowly and at the rate it was going, it would never be filled on time. Sister Oh started playing the piano and people started to file in. But still no missionaries, and still no Rocky (the guy being baptized.) We texted the sisters and asked if everything was okay. They replied and said that they had been knocking on his door for 3 hours and he wasn't answering. By now the Bishop and everyone that was attending the baptism had showed up. The person conducting the service stood up and announced that as soon as the missionaries and Rocky showed up, they would start. But, at 4:30, still no one had showed up. He again stood and announced that Rocky was missing and so there would be no baptismal service that day. He had asked the missionaries to come back to the church so that we could pray and have President Sablan (of the stake presidency) speak. The atmosphere in the room completely changed. It was now one of sorrow and disappointment. When the sisters came in, they were both crying. We had a prayer and then President Sablan stood. He spoke of his own baptism day when he and his wife got all ready to go and left more than 30 minutes early. They had been to the church several times, but somehow got lost. It was 5 minutes until the baptism and they were still not at the church. President Sablan said that "obviously this isn't supposed to happen today. Let's just go home." But, his sweet wife suggested that they pull over and pray. As they looked up from their prayer, they could see the steeple of the church. He started to cry and said, "I knew then that is was Satan trying to stop me from doing what God wanted me to." It was a very touching story and he related it to Rocky. He asked us to keep Rocky in our thoughts and prayers and to show an increase in love for him and help him get to where he needs to be in the gospel. 
Both of these experiences this week taught/ reminded me of the power of the atonement. It is real. We can move on from hard experiences and rough times through our Savior, Jesus Christ. I testify that He lives. And because He lives, we can do all things! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen! 

Sister Keele


Hello family!!! Things here in Renton are going well. It's been a really hard week, but we have been blessed with so many miracles! We met a family from Vietnam the other day while we were contacting on the street. They were so sweet! They even invited us over for dinner! It was such a miracle! This gospel is all about families and so it is awesome when we find families! We are praying that we will be able to teach them and help them come closer to Christ! 
I have realized even more this week how important it is to be obedient to what God wants you to do. When we are obedient, He blesses us so much! 
We had our monthly mission devotional last night. It was really good. The common theme throughout the night was how much Heavenly Father loves us! I testify that He does love us! He knows each of us individually! That is such a blessing!!! 
I love you all! 
Sister Keele

Soos Creek

Hello familia! How are things going? My new companion is Sister Oh and she is from Korea. She was called to Temple Square and is here in Federal Way for her outbound service. Every Temple Square missionary serves for 2 transfer in a regular proselyting mission. This is Sister Oh's second transfer so she will be going back to Temple Square soon. :( We get along great and we laugh all the time! She feeds me interesting food like kimchi and is teaching me Korean words! The other day she was cooking and burned herself and started yelling in Korean. It was so funny! When I ask her questions she says, "That's a beautiful question!" I love being her companion!!!
This week we have worked really hard to find new investigators and to gain the trust of the ward members. It has been so hard and it is easy to get discouraged. But I know that Heavenly Father has placed Sister Oh and I here together for a reason. He knows that we are going to work hard and do what He asks of us! We have already seen the miracles that come from being obedient! I am so excited to be here!!!!
I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!

Sister Keele

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Week 6

Wow. Time sure flies when you're havin' fun! This is the last week of the transfer and I can't believe it! This transfer has been so great and I have learned so much! As of last Wednesday, I have officially been a full-time missionary for 14 months. What?! That doesn't seem real! I feel like I just left yesterday! Again, time flies when you're havin' fun! :) 
This week was a great one! Brother Coleman received the Priesthood and a limited-use temple recommend! We are so excited for him and his family! I cannot wait until a year from now when they will be able to be sealed for all time and eternity!! There is nothing greater than seeing families become eternal!! 
We also helped with the horse I mentioned last week. She is already looking better. We brushed her tail out on Saturday. It was like one big dread-lock. There was dirt and poop just matted into it. It was so sad. It took at least 2 hours to brush it all out. As I was brushing it I was thinking about sin. It is so easy to get tangled up in sin and not even know it. But before you can do anything about it, you are so tangled up that you don't know where to start making things right. It isn't impossible, but it is hard to make it right again. We get so caught up in ourselves that we don't even realize what we are doing. BUT, the Savior of the world has made it possible! He has suffered all things for US. His infinite love overcame all. So, don't be afraid to start untangling the sin now! It will be hard! But it will not be impossible! And when you're done, it will be so worth it! :D 
I love being a missionary and I love being a part of this great work! Our Heavenly Father lives! I know it because I can feel Him all around me! I can see the evidence of His love! I can see people's lives changing because He lives! At dinner last night, a little boy said, "Hey missionaries! Did Jesus really live again?" I testify that He did. That He does. Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are real. At that same dinner appointment, another one of their children said the prayer over the food. She said, "we are so grateful for the missionaries being here tonight. Please bless them that they will be able to find the people that need the gospel and are really looking for it." There is a reason that we are told to "become as little children." They are so close to the veil! I love this work! I testify of the truthfulness of the restored gospel. I testify of the truth that is in the Book of Mormon. I testify of the reality of a living prophet. The heavens are not closed! God continues to speak to us and guide us today! If you do not know of these truths, I invite you to find out! Pray and ask! There is nothing to lose! Only exaltation to gain! I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!