Saturday, October 5, 2013

Receiving My Call

Friday afternoon at about 4:30 I heard that familiar metal clank on the porch. "Not today." I told myself. "Don't get your hopes up." I said. I reminded myself with each step that it would come sooner or later. If today wasn't the day, maybe it would be tomorrow. I opened that bronze lid and my heart dropped...with exitement! I picked up the envelope that read, "Sister Breanne Keele" IT CAME!! IT WAS FINALLY HERE!! I went running into the house screaming and mom jumped out of the computer chair, threw her arms in the air, and started jumping up and down and screaming. Then I thought, "Oh man! No one is here this weekend!!" And so the wait begins...The wait to open my call to see where the Lord wants me to be for the next 18 months. The wait to start the most exciting time in my life thus far! And I could not be more excited!!