Thursday, April 16, 2015


Hello all! This week was interesting here in Washington! Some pretty funny things happened! I hope all is well with all of you!
First of all, Sister Oh and I went to see a part-member family and when we got there, their neighbor across the street was out and his dog ran up to our car like he knew us. Naturally, we started talking to the man. We gave him a card to watch "Because He Lives" and all of a sudden things went south. He started saying that our church has weird beliefs and that we should really "read the doctrine of [our] so called prophets" so that we would "be informed" about what we believe. I tried to explain to him what we really believe and for some reason, he just kept saying that I "don't need a man to be saved." I'm not really sure what he was referring to, because we believe that. Then he explained that the pastor at his church was a member for a long time until he "came to his senses" and realized all of the "weird doctrine." I felt so badly for him. He has been turned away because someone left the church. I may or may not have gotten frustrated and I may or may not have started using Bible verses against him.....oops. I just wanted him to know the truth! At the end of our conversation, he said that he would pray for us so that we would find the right path in life. Same to him!
Secondly, we were able to do some service this morning feeding people at a homeless shelter. It was lots of fun and really rewarding. As I was serving the eggs, hashbrowns, and Canadian bacon, I got to talk with several of the men there. One really young man said to me, "Monday and Wednesday are my favorite days to be a bum! There's nothing better than a warm meal!" As we continued to talk, he said, "I'm just glad Easter is over. Now I don't have to think about my whole family enjoying time together without me." It made me so sad! I am so grateful for all that I have and for my family! 
Another man came up to get more food and told the Sisters that were making pancakes, "Nothing against you, but I just want eggs and hashbrowns this time." Jokingly I said, "It's okay. You can just tell them that you like me more." To which he responded, "Okay. But I don't know how your old man would feel about that." ummmm....what?! That's not what I meant!!!! gahh. Then when he was getting ready to leave he came over and thanked us all for the food. He then stopped at my station and talked to me for like 5 more minutes and then said, "Have a wonderful day, beautiful." It was awkward. I'm a missionary. Don't flirt with me! I didn't even know what to do. As soon as he left the other sisters just started laughing. Oh the awkwardness of missionary life. :)
All in all, the service was really fun and I definitely would do it again! I love doing service! 
Sister Oh was sick one day this week and so we had to stay inside all day. I thought I was going to go crazy. I scrubbed the kitchen clean and cleaned my entire desk and did all of my laundry, and it was only noon. I think I watched every movie we have in our apartment. I caught up in my journal, studied, read all about the crucifixion, and read talks. And then it was only 6. I'm not sure how I ever just sat around and did nothing all day. I was going crazy. 
I loved watching General Conference this weekend! We live in an amazing time where so much is available to us! Three new Temples were announced in remarkable locations: Ivory Coast, Africa; Port Au Prince, Haiti; and Bangkok, Thailand! This will be the first temple in each of those areas and they will serve so many people! It was really a pleasure to hear from a living prophet and apostles! I know that they are men called of God and that they teach us the truth! I'm so grateful for this gospel in my life! 
I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Keele

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