Thursday, April 16, 2015

Because He Lives

Hello!!!!! I hope you all are doing well! This week was an interesting, kind of hard week! Sister Oh and I are working really hard to find people to teach and everywhere we turn, we face rejection! It is hard when you know that something is true and you want people to have the happiness you have, and they reject it! But, I know that miracles are happening! 
We did have a pretty funny rejection this week, though. We were contacting some less active members and we got to one house and there was a guy washing his car in the driveway. We approached him and asked, "Are you Brother So-and-so?" To our surprise he answered, "No. He's actually dead. And you people keep coming by and reminding me that he is dead!" We felt horrible and we weren't sure what to do. We tried to apologize and were unsuccessful. When we asked his name he said, "You can just call me DNC." Which stands for "do not contact." We asked him if we could get his name so that we could put that on our records and he, again, resisted. That night at our ward coordination meeting, we brought up the fact that we had found out that a member passed away. The members seemed shocked that he had passed away and one sister said, "Maybe he just told you he was dead so that people would stop visiting him, but really you were talking with him." This brought up a lot of interest so one of the ward missionaries went home and did some research. Sure enough, we had talked with Brother Soandso and he told us he was dead. We had to laugh. The lengths that some people go to just so that they don't have to talk to us.
This week the church released a GREAT video! It is all about Jesus Christ and the Resurrection! You can find it at  I would HIGHLY recommend it! The website also will be posting something everyday from the last week of Christ's life. I know that my Redeemer lives! I know that because His death on the cross wasn't the end, we can all live again as well! I testify of the reality of the Resurrection and of the hope that it brings for us! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen! 

Sister Keele 

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