Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hello!! This week in Enumclaw has been great! We've been getting lots of rain!!! I love it!!! We were able to do lots of service this week and help both members and non-members! I love serving!! :) We have been having a lot of success in both of our wards with members inviting their non-member friends and family to hear our message! In both wards, we are teaching only people that have been invited by their friends! It is awesome to see how the Spirit works in each of us! 
This week, one of the families we are working with had a bit of a scare. He is a member, and she is not. Well, he ended up in the hospital and none of the doctors knew what was wrong. They finally figured it out and had to operate and drain a 2inx2in pus pocket less than 4in from his heart! And then, because of the infection in the pus pocket, he got MRSA. He has been so sick and in so much pain! But we were able to really see how much the gospel brings hope in situations like that! When no one knows what is wrong, we still have the hope that Heavenly Father knows what He is doing! It is truly an amazing thing!
For my thought this week, I wanted to share about Family History! On our way out of the hospital one day, we started talking to a lady that we had bumped into several times since visiting Jacob. Turns out, her mother is in the hospital for Diverticulitis. We asked what her mom's name is so that we could pray for her. She said, **** Keele. I was so caught off guard! I said, "That's my last name!" We were then able to talk with her about family history and how it brings us closer to Heavenly Father because we know where we came from! Sister Weldon shared that she could trace one of her lines all the way back to Adam and Eve. The lady was amazed! She couldn't believe it! So it inspired me to see how far back our geneology goes. I was able to find a line back to Adam and Eve as well!!! It was so exciting!! Family history is so fun and such a tool from our Heavenly Father! Go ahead! Go visit and start doing it! I promise that it will bring you closer to our Heavenly Father! 

I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Keele 

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