Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Secure Anchor

Hello all!! Enumclaw is great, once again! We had a few experiences this week that reminded me about the wonderful plan that our Heavenly Father has given us- The Plan of Salvation. One of the brothers in our ward passed away on Thursday and we had the opportunity to attend his memorial on Saturday morning. He was a good man who left such a legacy behind. He had always said that he didn't want a funeral where everyone sat around and cried about him. He wanted a memorial where his loved ones bore their testimonies about the Plan of Salvation. So that is what they did. It was amazing to hear his children and grandchildren share what they loved most about him and then bear their testimonies. It was one of the neatest memorials I have been to. The Plan of Salvation is truly amazing. No matter who we are, where we came from, or what choices we have made, The Plan is for all of us, if we choose to accept it! I love this gospel and I love sharing it with everyone we come in contact with! 

When we live our lives without our Savior, we put ourselves at a great risk! I invite you all this week, to do what it takes to be securely anchored to our Savior, Jesus Christ! He loves each of us and could call you by name at this very moment. He wants to help you! He wants to take this journey with you! 

I love you all!!!
Have a great week!!

Sister Keele

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