Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Clark Lake

Man! This week was so great! Which makes today even harder! I am getting transferred today to Enumclaw. I am excited to go where the Lord needs me, but I am sad to leave behind such amazing people! I have grown and learned so much here in this area and it will always have a huge spot in my heart. Clark Lake is an amazing place!!!!
So this week we did a ton of service! On Wednesday we got to clean some baseball fields for the start of the Little League season. It was so much fun! Our whole zone was there and so we had a blast! The field was actually at a different church here in Kent and the church posted a shout-out to us on their facebook page. It was awesome! We got to share the gospel by serving!
Saturday was also the national day of service. We went to KentLake High School and cleaned it up. The whole zone was there for that too and a ton of the members. The whole stake did several different projects that day and it was a blast! I have learned that I love serving! It is when I am the happiest! That is because when we serve our fellow man, we are serving our God! (Mosiah 2:17) And those who keep the commandments, are happy! (Mosiah 2:41) I love it!!!!
I had to say several good-byes to some people that I really love. It was especially hard to say good-bye to Davina. When I went to see her, she hugged me and just cried. We had a special connection the first time that we met and it was hard to leave her. I really believe that if there was only one person in Clark Lake that I was sent here for, it's Davina. I have loved to see her change and to see her to grow in the gospel. I wish that I could capture the change I have seen in her and show it to everyone. She is living proof that Heavenly Father is real. She is living proof that no matter where you come from, or what has happened in your life, God still loves you. She has been through so much and her faith is still strong and growing. She is an amazing person and I am going to miss her and her family a lot, but I know that we will keep in contact! She can't get rid of me, even if she tried! ;)
This week, I invite all of you to pray for opportunities to share the gospel. We never know who will be interested and who is being prepared to accept it. Don't put limits on God by deciding yourself who will accept! He loves all of His children and wants them all to know! I know that as you do so, you will find success! I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Keele

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