Monday, May 5, 2014

Captain's Log/May 5, 2014

Hey Family! I hope your week has been great! It has been absolutely beautiful here in Washington! It got up to 88 this week and it was so hot! But the sky was clear and everything was so green! I loved it! 
This week was rough in regards to teaching people, but it was great anyway! Sister Hopkins and I were able to learn so much! We have decided to work even harder than we have been so that the work here will move forward. We have the faith that there are people here that are prepared and ready for the gospel...we just need to find them! 
This week we had an interesting experience on keeping the rules in the white handbook, NO MATTER WHAT. We had a ward activity on Saturday, that 2 of our investigators went to! Woohoo!!! It got over WAY later than we had expected and we realized on the way home that we needed to get cash for our fast offering. It was about 8:55 and curfew is at 9. We decided that since it was for a good reason, we would stop at Walmart and get cash. By the time we got there, it was 9. We walked in and as soon as we walked in, we saw some men picking "lady friend" that looked like Cruella DeVil. It was not a place that we wanted to be in. As we grabbed a candy bar so that we could get cash, we started to feel very uneasy and uncomfortable. We hurried and got the cash and ran to our car. We felt so badly for breaking curfew and promised that we would NEVER do it again! There is a reason, a very good reason, why Heavenly Father has given us these rules. They are for our protection and safety. It is the same with the Commandments and every other rule we have been given. If we abide by His rules, we will be protected! 
We also had a lice scare this week. We went to do some service at an investigators home and she was putting stuff in her daughters hair to get the lice out. The bugs were so big that we could see the legs on them and everything. It was nasty. Since we had been there several times this week, we went over to Sister Bernfeld's house and had her check us as soon as we were done! Thankfully, neither of us had lice! We were both itchy for the rest of the day just thinking about it! 
We have been teaching 2 gentlemen that live in a group home in our area. One of them is almost 83 years old and looks like Mr. Fredrickson from UP! His goal is to be the first centurion in the house! He's really funny! Anyway, he has told us several times that he was born Catholic, and he'll die Catholic. We read from the Bible and Book of Mormon with him every week. This week, we read like we normally do and sang one of his favorite songs, as per usual. His two favorite songs are "How Great Thou Art" and "Nearer My God to Thee." We sang "How Great Thou Art" and for the first time, he sang along. It was so sweet. At the end of the song he said, "Thank you, ladies. This is a first, but I'd like to say the closing prayer today." It was so sweet! It was one of those moments that you live for as a missionary! The Spirit was so strong and everyone in the room felt it! 
As we have been counseled to share what we have learned from Preach my Gospel, I want to share with you all something that I learned this week. On page 11 of PMG, it says, "When you have done your very best, you may still experience disappointments, but you will not be disappointed in yourself. You can feel certain that the Lord is pleased when you feel the Spirit working through you." It is so easy to feel inadequate or that you have not done everything you can to help people come closer to Christ. It is easy to be disappointed in yourself. However, when we have done absolutely everything we can, we can be sure that the Lord is pleased with us. This applies to every aspect of our lives. Not just in missionary work. I know that this is true and that Preach my Gospel is an inspired book. As we study from it, we will grow closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I invite you all to read from it every day this week and learn from the Spirit! 
I love you all and I know that this church hold the truthfulness of the restored gospel! I love it so much and love sharing it with everyone I come in contact with! 
Sister Keele
P.S....Shout out to Ellen Michael! Congratulations on turning in your mission papers! You'll love it! :)  

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