Sunday, April 6, 2014

Transfers: Monday April 1, 2014

Hello family!! SO this week is transfers...and I GOT TRANSFERED!!! I'm going to the other side of the mission in Graham. I'm really sad to leave Tiffany Park, but I know Graham will be great as well. I feel like I am leaving home. I love the people here so much and I could stay here forever. It was sad saying good-bye to our investigators and members. But, I know that this is the Lord's plan for me!
So this past week was a great one! We had a lesson yesterday with our investigator, Angie. When we first met her, she wasn't sure if she believed in God or not. This week, she bore her testimony to us of the Savior and how she doesn't need to rely on anyone else, but Him. It was amazing and we were all crying. Yesterday, we had a lesson with her, and I had to say good-bye. It was one of the hardest good-byes I've ever had to say. But, we also committed her to be baptized on April 26th, so I will be back in Tiffany Park in no time! It is amazing the love that you have for the people you teach. It is unlike any other love!
I'm not sure what else to write this week. But, I'll send lots of pictures to make up for it. I have learned so much here in Tiffany Park and I'm so grateful that the Lord sent me here! I am going to miss it here and I'm going to miss Sister Carlin, but I am going to love Graham! Heavenly Father knows what is best for us, and I trust Him! :)
I love you all!
Sister Keele

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