Monday, January 27, 2014

So...I bought a GPS last p-day...and it has been one of the greatest purchases I have ever made! We no longer get lost! And as we only have 8 or less miles a day for the next week, not getting lost is a HUGE blessing!
Story time!!! It's about my trainer...:) First off, you have to know that Sister Carlin is the most exactly obedient person I have ever met. She doesn't like to do anything that might even go against a rule. We had to skip dinner the other night for an appointment and couldn't eat until like 8pm. But, since we are normally supposed to finish dinner by 6, she was afraid we were breaking a rule. Like I said, SUPER obedient. So she was in her first area and she was about 2 weeks out and her trainer was 6 weeks out. So basically the blind was leading the blind. They were in Graham which is pretty country. They saw this guy washing his horse in his driveway and went to talk to him. He was pretty receptive to the gospel so they were both pretty excited. Then he said, "I like what you're saying. But in order for me to love something you love, you have to love something I love. I want you to ride my horse." Sister Carlin and her trainer started freaking out and they tried to explain to him that was against the rules. He was not having it. He kept saying, "Just call your big guy and let me talk to him." So they did. But President didn't answer. So what does this guy do? He picks Sister Carlin up, puts her on the horse, gets on with her, and trots around the driveway. she was frozen out of fear and so was her trainer. I was laughing so hard when she told me that story!!! Missions are the best!!!
On to this week...There is an older couple that we go see every Sunday night. They are members and we absolutely love them! She just had surgery a couple months ago and so she uses a walker to get around. Her husband calls it "The Pink Cadillac" It is so cute! She even has a bell on it! It's great! Every Sunday they feed us ice cream. Yesterday it was apple pie and ice cream yumm!! They are such an example to me and I love them so much!!!
I have met some pretty amazing people this week. People that have definitely been prepared for the gospel. It has been pretty rough this week because we aren't really seeing the fruits of our labors yet, but I know that there is a better plan for us and for the people we have met! Sometimes I get a little discouraged, but God really helps me out! I know He is there!
A HUGE miracle we saw this week: We have been trying to get a hold of a lady in our ward that has been less active for quite some time. Members have tried, missionaries have tried...nothing has worked. On Saturday, we were in her area and decided to knock on her door. SHE ANSWERED!!! And, we have a return appointment with her!!! I'm convinced that the only reason we have a return appointment is because the Spirit brought to Sister Carlin's remembrance that this sister is an amazing quilter!!! It was such a great experience!!
I absolutely love being a missionary!! I get to see miracles every day!!! and I absolutely love it! People hit the nail right on the head when they say that missions are the hardest thing you'll ever love! I can already feel that!!
So, another funny story...We have been visiting this part member family and I love them! Neither of them have been coming to church and we are slowly but surely making progress with them! Anyway, they have 2 cats and so naturally, I play with the cats every time we are there. Sometimes I think that my companion gets annoyed with me because I ALWAYS pet animals we see...and she's not a big fan of animals. :) So we were over at their house the other day and the cats were running around like crazy and they said that Bubba loves blankets and sheets. So they proceed to show us what they mean. They went and got a blanket and each of them held a side so that the blanket was at like chest height. The cat JUMPED on top of the blanket and started rolling around and attacking it's tail and all sorts of stuff. It was the funniest thing! I was crying I was laughing so hard! I really do love this family! He has not been too receptive to the gospel in the past and hasn't really let anyone inside the home. But sister carlin and I were blessed and he has been really open with us. Both of them have! We mentioned family history to him this week and his eyes just lit up! We think this might be his foot into the gospel! We are so excited!
SO, this email is getting to be pretty long so I'll end it here. Just know that I love you all! And that I know that the gospel has been restored to it's fullness in this dispensation! Miracles still happen today! And in Doctrine and Covenants 31, the Lord is talking to Thomas B. Marsh about his mission. He tells him that it will be hard to leave his family but, "Behold, verily I say unto you, go from them only for a little time, and declare my word, and I will prepare a place for them." I know that it is sometimes hard for us to be apart. But it will only be for a little time! The Lord is doing great things for all of us! And I know that I am where I should be! And I'm so thankful for that!
I love you all!
Sister Keele

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