Saturday, December 13, 2014

December 9, 2014

Hello all!!! This week was one of those weeks that you never forget as a missionary! So many things that happened I will have to share with you all after my mission- an email just wouldn't do them justice! 
First off, on Saturday, Angie, Isabell, and Laine were baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't remember who they are, they are a family I taught while serving in Renton! I was privileged to be able to attend their baptismal service and give the talk on the Holy Ghost! I am so happy for them and so happy that I was able to attend. As I stood by the stairs of the font and watched them be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I couldn't help but cry. They are such a good family and I love them so much! They took the first step towards being an eternal family!!! The sweetest sound I've ever heard, is the sound of water running in the church!
Then, on Saturday, we were also able to host the "Celebrate the Nativity" event in Maple Valley. They do this every year and there are over 600 nativities from all over the world displayed. There are musical numbers going on in the chapel, a live nativity, an art walk, a cookie room, and a photo room where you can dress up as the people in the nativity and have a picture taken. :) Sister Collins and I were hosting in the art was amazing! The pictures were of Christ's life and at the end of the art walk, there was a replica of the Savior's tomb. I was standing at the end of the art walk and the Spirit there was so strong. This was really the only part of the event that was quiet and so people could feel the Spirit as they walked up to the entrance. By the time they got to the tomb, most people were crying. Some people brought their children, and they made me cry. One of the ladies brought her daughter through and her daughter just sat at the entrance of the tomb and stared. All of a sudden she gasped and said, "MOM! This is where Jesus was! But He's not here because He's alive again!" It was such a sweet and powerful testimony from that little girl. I absolutely loved it! 
This week a member bought both Sister Collins and I 2 pairs of boots because ours were destroyed. It was so kind of them! 
This week I just want to remind you all of the power of the Atonement. It is for everyone! No matter what we do, we will ALWAYS be worthy of it! No matter how many times we slip up, we will still be worthy! It is just about us praying for forgiveness and doing all we can, with the Savior's help, to overcome our weaknesses. 
I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Keele

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