Monday, February 24, 2014

Good morning all!! This week has been absolutely amazing! I am so happy to be here in Tiffany Park! It's amazing that I get to witness miracles every single day! I could not be happier!!
For my first miracle: we have been working with a part-member family since I got here. The are so amazing...I love them SO much! The wife is a member, but hasn't been to church in YEARS. Her husband has taken the lessons before and has pretty boldly told our mission leader that he does not want the lessons taught in his home. Well, we go over there once or twice a week and share messages with them. We had been hardcore friend-zoned for like 2 weeks though. BUT, this last week, we shared a message with them and they were so close to coming to church!!! But, we all know that Satan works hard on the people that are having their hearts softened and opened. And they had a contractor coming to their house during church to look at their kitchen because they are remodeling it. They'll come to church soon though! I have faith that they will!
Second miracle: We have been trying to get in contact with all of the sisters in our ward that are less-active. This week, we have been able to get into some of their houses and teach a lesson or share a message. It's a miracle because no one has been able to do that in a long time! God truly is preparing people!!
Third miracle: We knocked into a guy named Art and he felt the spirit so strongly as we recited the first vision. I have never felt the spirit so strongly during a door approach! It was absolutely amazing!
Fourth miracle: we are teaching an 8 year old the lessons, even though she is a child of record, and it was amazing! She was so happy about the things we taught her during the first lesson! We asked her if she would pray to know if they were true and she turned to her mom and said, "Can I do it NOW?!" It was so sweet. She loves missionaries and even though she doesn't have to take the lessons, she wanted to anyway. And it is really helping her mom because her mom is less-active. I love this family so much!
I absolutely love being a missionary! It is the hardest thing I've ever loved! It is so hard having doors slammed in your face and people saying you believe in a crook. But when you find that one person that is SO ready to hear the truth, it makes it all worth it. You forget about what everyone else said that day. You forget about how discouraged you felt before talking with them. You remember that THIS is why you came on a mission. That God has prepared people to hear the gospel specifically from you. And it makes everything worth it. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has the fullness of the restored gospel on the earth today. I know that with every piece of my heart and soul. And I know that everyone of us can know with 100% surety as well. We just need to ask our Heavenly Father!
I love you all! Have a great week!!
Sister Keele

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